Sarah’s Hope

December 19th, 2009 Terry

    Our line of Sarah’s Hope Jewelry is truly jewelry with a heart. This beautiful collection of handcrafted, custom designed Sterling Silver and E’Sperene jewellery helps women throughout the world overcome poverty and provide a better life for their families and communities.

    Each line of jewellery dedicated and named after a woman entrepreneur in the developing world who’s striving to overcome poverty through small business ownership. As a means to contribute, Sarah’s Hope Jewellery was begun to fund small business microloans that start at $50 up to $1250. These loans distributed through MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) are designed to give women living in impoverished situations a fair chance at supporting themselves and their families.

    Each purchase of Sarah’s Hope Jewellery adds to the funds that will be sent all over the world to assure the success of these entrepreneurs. We hope you will enjoy and share, not only the beautiful jewellery, but also the stories behind them.

    Sarah’s Hope Jewellery is hand-crafted from the highest quality .925 sterling silver which then is rhodium plated. Rhodium, a member of the platinum metal family, resists tarnishing so the brilliant shine of your silver jewellery can be enjoyed without constant polishing! When applied to silver, rhodium produces a radiant white colour, is highly reflective and resists scratching. Rhodium is why Sarah’s Hope Jewellery has the look of platinum for the price of silver. Most pieces found in the Sarah’s Hope Jewellery line are set with E’Speren. E’Speren is a combination of quartz crystals and metal oxides resulting in formations of exceptionally vibrant and dynamic colours. You will notice subtle to dramatic shifts in colours as the E’Sperene reflects light. It’s part of its intriguing beauty! Slight variations in silversmith work or in the stone composition and colour are intrinsic to the handmade process and reflect the one-of-a-kind artisanship of Sarah’s Hope Jewellery.

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