The World’s Most Awesome Diamonds #2

December 17th, 2011 Terry

The Regent

Also known as the Pitt, this 410-carat stone was one of the last large diamonds to be found in India. It is said to have been discovered by a slave in the Parteal Mines back in 1701. The slave stole the enormous rough concealing it in bandages of a self-inflicted leg wound, and fled to the seacoast. There, he divulged his secret to an English sea captain, offering him half the value of the stone in return for safe passage to a free country. But during the voyage to Bombay, temptation overcame this seafaring man and he murdered the slave took the diamond. After selling it to an Indian diamond merchant named Jamchund for about $5000, the captain squandered the procee in dissipation and, in a fit of remorse and delirium hung himself.

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The World’s Most Awesome Diamonds – #3

December 5th, 2011 Terry

#3 The Excelsior

The Excelsior Diamond was found on June 30, 1893 at the Jagersfontein Mine by a worker while loading a truck. The man was able to hide the diamond from the supervisors but delivered it to the manager of the mine himself. Until 1905, when the larger Cullinan diamond was found, the Excelsior was the largest known diamond in the world. It had a blue-white tint and weighed 971¾ carats (194.2 g). It was ultimately cut into ten stones weighing from 13 to 68 carats. (2.6 to 13.6 g). Immediately after its discovery the news spread around the world.

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Must Haves for your Jewellery Wardrobe

December 1st, 2011 Terry

Every woman knows that the perfect little black dress is a must have in your wardrobe. The classic must have pieces for the perfect jewellery wardrobe can be just as easy.

1. Diamond Studs. Whether they are 0.10ct or 4ct each, diamond stud earrings are the little black dress of jewellery, a must have. They never go out of style, match everything and are great for any occasion from shopping to a black tie gala.

2. Hoop Earrings. Classic gold or diamond hoops they are a great piece to own. With all of the styles and colours there is a pair to suite any woman.

3. Drop or Chandelier Earrings. These beautiful dangling earrings are perfect for a night out. Choose from diamonds, pearls or gemstones and add that sparkle that will get noticed.

4. Diamond Pendant. Whether it is elaborate, and intricately designed, the perfect solitaire, or anything in between a diamond pendant is a great piece to have and a perfect way to express yourself.

5. Pearls.Think a corporate-climbing gal in a crisp black business suit or the unforgettable bride in her frothy wedding gown…pearls are an investment that will take a woman through countless moments in her life with elegance and ease.

6. Gold Chain. A gold chain is great on its own or with a pendant. The choices are almost endless. No longer just a choice of yellow or white, the new chains come in a variety of styles, lengths, strands and even colours. One of the greatest new features offered is the chain being extendable, going from a 16” choker to a 22” long chain. Also look for chains that offer lifetime guarantees.

7. Bangles. Bangles have been around forever. Stacked or worn alone, skinny or wide, a woman cannot go wrong in bangles. For that extra sparkle think diamonds, sapphires, gemstones and coloured gold.

8. Tennis Bracelet.Tennis bracelets are a great addition to your jewellery wardrobe. Set with diamonds, sapphires, or with a variety of gemstones there is a tennis bracelet for everyone.

9. Charms. Nothing spells beauty and confidence – and a hint of the sentimental, like charms. From a row of charms dangling off a traditional charm bracelet, to a bracelet or necklace with a great selection of beads the options are endless. Whether you want gold, silver, sparkles, or even your loved ones fingerprint engraved on a charm, you can make the perfect piece that is an expression of you.

10. Signature Ring.This is the ultimate expression of your personality. It lets you make a statement and be as bold as you want. Consider everything from a row of diamonds with engraving to an emerald or bright sapphire the size of a quail’s egg. Be it one you saw ready made or one custom made for you, a right hand signature ring is the piece that will go from your favourite to heirloom jewellery as unique as you are.

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