Care and Cleaning


You have just made one of the most important and thoughtful purchases for yourself or a loved one and the care is essential to enjoying this new piece. Routine home care of your fine jewelry supplemented with regular care by your professional jeweler can result in a lifetime of pleasurable wear.

When wearing your jewelry it is important to consider the following

  • Try to protect all jewelry from sharp blows, harsh chemicals, sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Chlorine and related chemicals can severely discolor and damage jewelry as well as loosen stones and settings.
  • Put jewelry on after using cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes
  • Remove rings when working with your hands, such as performing household tasks, gardening and using abrasive particles.
  • Do not put set stones in Ultrasonic Cleaners, stones can become loose and fall from settings.
  • Store jewelry separately so it will not scratch other jewelry.
  • Pearls are best stored in a special chamois pouch because of their softness.
  • Storing beaded necklaces flat is recommended to reduce stretching
  • There are three different cleaners available to you from your professional jeweler.

Fine Jewelry Cleaner

  • Is excellent for gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and amethyst. Immerse in cleaner and remove any particles with brush. Our fine jewelry cleaner does not leave a residue so rinsing is not necessary. After cleaning, follow with polishing cloth.

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner

  • Is excellent for pearls and the soft porous stones like emeralds, opals, aquamarines, tanzanite, garnets, coral, turquoise tourmalines, quartz, topaz and beads. Immerse in Gentle Cleaner for two minutes and with brush remove and visible particles. Rinse with water. When cleansing pearls or any strung stone, dampen a cloth with your Gentle Cleaner to avoid getting the string wet since it will stretch or break.

Silver Cleaner

  • Immerse silver piece initially for 1 minute, take out and rinse. If the black tarnish is still visible immerse until it is gone. Dry with soft cloth and then polish with polishing cloth. Follow polishing cloth instructions.

Polishing Cloths

  • Use your polishing cloth regularly on all of your fine karat gold or sterling silver jewelry and watches. Open polishing cloth to the inside white cloth, rub vigorously until desired luster occurs, Buff with outside cloth to get shine.
  • Do not use paper towels; they can scratch the metal.